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 +[[https://​www.myanmartour.com/​Ngapali_Myanmar_d80.html|best myanmar beaches]] Rohingya refugee Din Mohammad shows injuries sustained before he fled to Bangladesh during an interview with AFP [[https://​www.myanmartour.com/​Ngapali_Myanmar_d80.html|beautiful beaches in myanmar]] a refugee camp in Ukhyia on November 25, 2016
 +© AFP/​[[http://​Pixabay.com/​en/​new-zealand-waterfall-nature-File%20MUNIR/​|File MUNIR]] UZ ZAMAN
 +Yangon (AFP) - Myanmar'​s army on Tuesday cleared itself of allegations that troops may have carried out [[https://​www.Gov.uk/​search?​q=ethnic%20cleansing|ethnic cleansing]] of Rohingya Muslims, but said a soldier had been jailed for taking a motorbike. ​
 +More than 70,000 members of the persecuted minority fled to neighbouring Bangladesh after the military launched a widespread crackdown late last year [[https://​www.myanmartour.com/​Ngapali_Myanmar_d80.html|beautiful beaches in myanmar]] the north of Rakhine state to hunt down insurgents who attacked police border posts. ​
 +UN investigators who interviewed hundreds of escapees documented reports of mass killings, widespread rapes and horrifying accounts of babies being thrown into burning houses. ​
 +[[https://​www.myanmartour.com/​Ngapali_Myanmar_d80.html|beautiful beaches in myanmar]] a report released in February they said security forces may have [[http://​Www.Wood-Furniture.biz/​search/​search.php?​query=committed%20atrocities&​search=1|committed atrocities]] so severe they amount to crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing. ​
 +But on Tuesday the military said the results of its own investigation,​ led by army chief Aye Win, showed those charges were "false and fabricated"​.
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